January 29, 2016

My Last Tea Party For Now....Maybe

I really don't miss seeing snow at all, when it DOES snow I act like a kid because it is so rare but I do not go out to play in it, too cold for me. However, I couldn't resist this cute, "Let It Snow" file of Deena's at Ewe-N-Me-Printables.


I quilled up a few snowmen, I did cheat a bit on their hats, eyes and, "buttons" because I really didn't like the look of the quilled hats, eyes and, "buttons" so I cut some tiny top hats with my Cricut, added blue jewels for the eyes and some Enamel Accents for the, "buttons".

It did snow up on the mountains I can see out of my craft room window but all we got was rain and a bit of hail. The snowflake brads are from my stash, I cut off the prongs on the backs and attached them with some heavy duty glue.

This snowman looks like he had a bit too much Bailey's Irish Cream in his tea.
The snowflakes are from my BFF, Renee from Plum Purdy who I visited over the summer in South Carolina and gave her a hand at a decorative painting convention in Ohio called, "HOOT". I actually really enjoyed having to get up and go to, "work" every day of the convention despite my aching joints.
The teaware is part of my collection, my favorite line of teaware, Queen Anne from England made around 1950. 
Thank you for stopping by to take a look.

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