December 29, 2014

2015 Calendars

Nothing says, "Welcome to the New Year" quite like a brand new calendar does. These are so easy to make and make nice small gifts. 2015 Calendar - Friend's House

You get 2 calendars from this printable and they don't require a ton of work. I printed mine up, cut out the month pages and stapled them together with my tiny stapler, it worked better than my big stapler did.
I added a piece of thin chipboard to the back of each one to give them a bit of stiffness, added the assembled months using the backing sheet provided and double sided tape. Then I tied a piece of floss around each one, I also added a small hole at the top of the one with the teal floss, that will give the recipient a way to hang it up.
Thank you for stopping by.
Sue Kracker



Beth B said...

I can't ever have enough calendars around -- and these are just awesome!! I could definitely go for these -- love that vintage style!! Wonderful project!!

Cynthia Chapman said...

Great Job Sue!! Def need one of these in my office