September 22, 2014

On The Go Note Pad

Good morning, hope your Monday is starting out great.

Did everyone have a great weekend? I crafted most of the weekend so for me that is a Yes!

For me, making fall things is in full swing around my house.

I just love the colors.

So I decided to use one of the pretty Cocoa Treat Envelopes and make a mini on the go note pad.

I printed it out on medium weight card stock, cut it out and folded on the lines per the instructions. Then I made a small hole under the word blessings, lined it up on the print out of the pumpkin and threaded a bow through it.

I then took a piece of cardboard from a cereal box and lined it with pretty polka dot scrapbook paper. On top of that I cut little pieces of scratch paper and punched a hole and tied a string.

It slips easily into the cocoa envelope and closes until I need it. 

Great little fall gift to keep in your purse. We ladies are always need scratch paper.

You can get your Cocoa Envelope package by going Here #111014 Autumn Blessings

Until Next time,


Kim said...

So cute!

sue k said...

Super cute and creative.


Cynthia McConnell said...

Adorable and what a great idea!

beth byrd said...

This is a great idea -- and really, really charming!! I want one!!