October 29, 2014

Get Well Wishes

Hello bloggers. Hope everyone is doing good.

I know a few people at my office that have not felt well.
I also have a few people in my family that 
have been under the weather.

I think when the seasons change we just tend to get sick.

So I decided to make a little Get well Card. I printed out out and didn't do anything to it but ink the edges with some Distress ink. My favorite is vintage photo.

The graphics on this card are just so neat I didn't want to add anything to it. 
I can over add sometimes.

The on the inside I made a fall colored tag that says...

most of the time the inside of my cards are blank but this one I wanted to say get well soon.

I you have a stamp sentiment you could use that. I like to just take my black sharpie and hand write it in there myself. No fuss. 

If you use the envelope that is printed out with this card you will have to make the tag smaller. So it will fit in the envelope.

I am going to hand deliver this one to a lady's husband at our church so I don't need the envelope.

This card is all old time goodness. Love it.

You can find this card by going here

Until Next time...


beth byrd said...

What a lovely card, Cyn! I'm sure your card will be a wonderful boost for your friend's husband. Get well cards are always such a day brightener -- especially one like yours!

sue k said...

Very cute, Cyn, great tag pullout.


Anita said...

This is fabulous Cyn, I would love to receive this. Hugs.