November 13, 2014

Magnets/Ornaments Using Bottle Cap Image Inserts

Today I had the pleasure of using Fall Leaves Two Bottle Cap Image Inserts, these are very, very easy to work with. 

You get 36 bottle cap inserts, 6 of each design. I made all of these and have a full row of 6 left. I also had some boo-boos, some trial and error items.

First I made some magnets.

Printable adhered to inside of bottle cap.

Printable adhered to outside of bottle cap.

Doubled up bottle caps.

A 1" circle punch is perfect for cutting these out. Since I can't find my 1" circle punch I just cut them out freehand, it didn't take long at all. I inked my edges then glued to the bottle caps.

Inner and outer.

The images seemed to want to curl up a bit on the outer edges so I weighted them down with magnets.

After the images are totally dry turn the bottle caps over and glue the magnets onto the opposite sides that the images are on.
The double sided magnets were made very similar to the ornaments, minus the alpaca wool for hanging and the additional image on the other side.
I used my glue gun to attach the wool to the bottle caps, making sure to pile up enough hot glue to attach an additional bottle cap to the backside, insides matching.

 Can you see the bit of a ridge behind the bottle cap? That is the other side, both sides are showing red when you turn them around. I did both the ornaments and double sided magnets this way.

Sue Kracker


Anita said...

So cute Sue, what a great idea. Hugs, Anita

Cynthia Chapman said...

love them!!! Love the tutorial as well!