October 7, 2013

First of the Week Features

Happy Monday... ahh... it's the beginning of a new week. Don't we all feel refreshed after the weekend? :) Ok, let's get real here.... I feel about the same way as you do when it comes to Monday.

Anyway.... today I just wanted to share a few things with you.

First off... The "One Buck Weekly" section on my website. This is something new I just started a few weeks ago. Every week I choose six items and put them on sale for only $1.00. They might be older designs they might be newer, but they're only a $1.  This week I'm featuring some hang tags. This is one of the items on sale, but please CLICK HERE to see the rest. I normally change these items on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, so if you haven't seen them yet, you might want to check them out soon as they'll be changing in a day or two.

Another thing I wanted to share was... well, it's actually two things... Laundry Farmhouse Labels... these two file have been re-done from an older file I had on the site a couple years ago. They've been changed a little, updated, and both files contain two pages of labels for you to print. One has a tan floral-ish background, the second page has no background, just the image you see on white. They're in three different sizes and 6 labels print on one page, so you get 12 labels in all. You can find them both, as well as others by CLICKING HERE.

The last thing I wanted to remind you of was the FREE printable Harvest Hang Tags. These aren't a new item, but since it's fall I thought I'd take a minute and remind you that they're still available. The link to find those is RIGHT HERE.

I hope you all have a great week.
Talk soon,

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